When I started to work in school the very first time, I was so excited and I ask myself will students follow my advice, will they understand my red line, will they be interested what I have to tell them, will they…….

My god as more questions have circled around in my head I became more nervous and I suddenly start to ask myself, do I know what I want to teach to them actually? And my answer was clearly yes, I have my topic, but where to start? How to show then objectives? How is actually the red line?….. questions over questions starting to pop up in my head and I became very desperate about my deep confusion. I learned how to teach, but suddenly I recognized I don’t know where to start and how to build up correctly the red line, so that students can follow my advice.

I decided to sit down and to write down the topic of the lesson and relevant side knowledge. And I recognized that the topic is so interesting that I started to search for deeper information…….ups but I was lost in all these information and I recognized that I just knew the overhead of the topic, but I never would be prepared for deeper questions, if students are familiar to this topic already. I would be very lost in that lesson. So I decided to collect more information first. After a while I felt safe again, because now I was sure, now I am a specialist in what I want to teach to the students.

It felt great, so I just sat down and done something else, but in my head still popped up the question: where to start, this field is very big and where should I start to build up a red line? And no wonder I started to think about the whole lesson again, to not forget the collected knowledge I wrote down the main and additional knowledge and try to build up a read line in between the different topics. After that I recognized that I need practical connections to the very theoretic topic so that the students can touch things to get a clear connection to the knowledge they should absorb. But which material is the best? So I started to write down a collection of material I can use. It was a lot, which confuses me again, what is the best material I should use. While choosing the best material I didn’t recognize that I am inside the topic again and I thought about the content again.

So step by step I became more specialists about the whole topic I want to teach to the students.

All this preparation I done just quiet in my mind or on paper sheets, after a certain time again I thought: now I am prepared enough.  Just because I was curious I started to try in front of the mirror how will it feel to stand in front of the class and talk loudly to the students.  I recognized by doing this, that I look funny, so probably students will laugh, or students will not take me serious because my voice is not strong enough, and I felt I forgot everything of the knowledge I searched before because I have to think about the words I will have to use.

So I decided to write down some main sentences I will have to use to introduce the topic.

One more paper sheet was filled with important words I can use, but which of the words are the most influential words connected to the topic itself, and how should I move my body, should I just stand or walk around or use my hands, my face, my whole body to explain.

I wrote all my thoughts which popped up in my mind connected to the topic on one more paper sheet.

But how should I be able to manage four paper sheets within the class in front of the students.

I decided to write all these things on one paper sheet in one list together and fit the topic together with the used material and the words and also my body language movement.

I was so proud at this work, which I felt prepared and went to sleep.

Next morning I stood in front of the students and it worked well, because I knew the topic, I knew the correct words and I also prepared the correct material to give to the students to the theoretic knowledge a very practical connection. I spoke a lot and I felt great that I know by self so many different things about the relevant topic and I spoke and I spoke, after a while I recognize that the nice beginning, that the students have been very connected to me slowly changed, I saw bored faces, one student pt his head on the table, step by step while talking about the topic I lost them.

I turned around and recognized that I have the white board to use as well as an instrument, and so I changed my style and used the white board and ask the students to write down what I am writing at the board. Some of the students seem to wake up again. So I continue happily that I found another useful instrument. I spoke and wrote at the white board in the same time. I was so happy that I didn’t recognize that the bell was ringing and the students just left.

Hm…… I turned around and understood that something went wrong. I couldn’t even finish the half of the topic I planned to teach to them. And when I saw the white board it was one big chaos of words, even I didn’t understand what the lesson was actually about by seeing the white board panel.

I learned a lot in that lesson, I need to have a very structured and clear plan how to execute my lesson and to know the topic is not enough, I need to prepare different and changing tasks for the students as well to make them interested in, I need to implement different materials, I need to think about my own most influential words, I need to consider about using my body language, I need to plan a clear structured white board panel to be a mirror of the whole lesson and I need a clear time management.

My god, that’s a lot of work? How should I do all this together?

Today I have to say; it was a process of learning how to develop the best most efficient and influential lesson plan for my own needs, with my own unique style and needs. A good lesson plan is a skill every teacher has to learn and to develop all the time. Even after 20 years experience I still develop my own lesson plan every single lesson, because I know that think about in choosing the right material, the right words, the right reaction is forcing me to gain also topic knowledge and in the end I have to say, the society is developing so quick and in the same speed new methodologies are provided which I just have to search for to use it, and believe me there is an endless bunch of methodologies existing, we teachers just have to find the right methodology and material and words to connect them with the topic and the students and this need careful planning that students and teacher can enjoy a relaxed lesson with a very high educational outcome. I wish every teacher on his way to develop his own lesson plan success and in the end an enjoyable lesson.