We organized a seminar additional to the Early teaching standards which our teachers basically work on to open their few for the diversity of evaluation points to start to organize their semester reports for every child correctly, structured and complete.

Every early childhood teacher knows how difficult it is to evaluate their children based on word evaluation, it is easy if teachers just don’t care and copy comments to paste it from one report to another. Yes this is very easy, and congratulation suddenly every child becomes the same, everyone can suddenly count already from 1 until 10, every child can follow pattern and every child can color, every child has social behavior and everyone is nice. Wow in our school we produce faceless uniformed people.

But how to describe correctly children’s abilities, so that every child will be recognizable in his own semester report book?

There is one possibility teachers can write a lot of words so that the report book seems to be a roman or at least a novella. Is this helping to give the right impression about the relevant child to build up the next school year program specified for this child, and do parents need or like to read long stories?

And every teacher which was once in the situation to stand in front of the semester report book delivery knows the situation: “my god I can’t remember anymore how this child perform……..ah panic, from where I should get the information now?”

To fill correctly and mould exact as a short word evaluation, with less but enough words to understand and recognize the uniqueness of every child is a very important skill for early childhood teachers which have to be developed urgently.

We started to with the first step to develop for the teachers a permanent evaluation form with the content what every child has to be able to do in the relevant age, which standard the relevant child is performing it and a general evaluation spiral to get an exact overview for the teacher for further structured teaching planning.

The seminar offers as well a so called “red flag” list 3-4 years and 4-5 years which contain the point of capital importance which children need to be able to fulfill, if they cant do these points in the relevant age, teachers and parents should search for deeper reasons and should contact specialist.

Every child is different in the development, the speed and style of their learning strategies, but there are red signs to be seen after several times to perform in different ways for educators and parents.

Report book word evaluation is just difficult if teachers are not preparing it from the very first day, every child has to have an evaluation file and these above evaluations have to be filled every second week, as well after finishing special task durations, as well special notes have to be fixed in that file. If every teacher is doing this evaluation permanently, the report book delivery will not be accompanied by a panic attack and will be much more professional than just based on copy/ paste systematic.

 But as I said before already a professional word evaluation is a skill which every teacher has to develop. To understand the urgent need of structured basic work it is very helpful to watch the following very nice video:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubNF9QNEQLA

These two lists and the file structure are an important instrument for our teachers and we have to say thank you very much to Mr.Lothar Bodingbauer to introduce and develop these lists for usage in our school.