by Ms.Yana

One day I was walking with my friend through the neighborhood and I saw these group of children playing at a pile of soil and mud with some canes, wooden boxes and cans. They build up some small houses from sand with the canes and they formed some sand pattern with the wooden boxes and cans. They have been so concentrated doing that and they worked so connected with each other that they pull me inside their games mentally and I forgot continue walking until my friends called me.

Finally I left and followed my friends again, but those kids stayed in my mind and I thought about my work and how can I offer to my children in my school some more interesting additional learning tools. And during I was in my mind thinking about that, I thought it would be brilliant, if we install such a sand place with some playing tools for the children in our school as a permanent learning tool.

Next day I offered my Idea to my Headmaster and I was happy that everyone liked my idea and the sandpit was installed one week after I spoke the first time about that idea.

Since than special in the early childhood department this place is used nearly daily and it turned out for everyone as a genius learning and teaching tool.

Thanks for the school management support.