Websites about Teaching

In this webpages you can find a lot of information and suggestions about what is teaching, how to develop a great class environment, class management and and and and ….. enjoy it

Education and Child Development website. Includes worksheets, classroom activities, articles, forums and external links.


“What works in Education” Blogs, videos, classroom guides.

(The George Lucas Educational Foundation)   

Free, downloadable materials, such as worksheets and classroom displays.


Website aimed at preparing students for national exams in the UK. Particularly good resources for English, Maths and Science subjects.


Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum.


Professional development resources for teachers, including links to other useful sites.

(Pearson Education)



Teacher Professional Development Websites (VIDEOS)                        (USA)


Articles and videos giving advice and examples for all aspects of teaching (planning, classroom management, discipline, collaboration…) at all grade levels.              (UK)

Many excellent professional development videos for teachers, for all teaching topics, academic subjects, and grade levels.


Educational Videos and

An educational website featuring videos on various topics from all disciplines.
What I particularly liked as an ESL teacher in a non-English speaking environment were the scripts in .doc format at the bottom of the different films site.

Next are 2 links with stuff that might be useful:

(an American broadcasting station) and