Teaching in Indonesia is a pleasure! Kids are lovely and you still are kind of a long-nosed attraction coming from the land of knowledge. My Cambridge CELTA certificate gave me access to teaching senior classes and        I really like their feeling themselves as a unit (no outsiders, no “freaks”!) despite their being quite heterogenic      (of religion, gender, knowledge of English…). Being accepted without having to “prove something” by students and teachers helps me a lot.
There are very different levels in one class at this school and I always need to prepare extra jobs for the “eagles”, e.g., when we are repeating grammar. Sometimes, it is not very easy to have them express their opinions in a discussion,too, but I get them talking! A lot of them are not used to working in groups, are very grammar-focused, very grade-focused –  fields to work in… They really need someone from the outside of this, in parts, still 1950s-like schooling system.
Administration, too, seems to be a big issue here – for everyone but me… I still don’t really know after 3 weeks’ teaching whether there is a curriculum for me and what it might be, I follow the book, write tests and everything seems fine, so far.
What I like most is the general friendliness in Indonesia.  Coming here as a tourist would have been nice, but working here has taught me so much more! Verdict until now: more than “recommendable”!

Ulrich Wolf