I am a contributor. How do I add a new teachingmethod to this website?

1. Login using the link Site Admin or Login on the right side under the heading Meta. You should know username and password.

2. You are now in the backend. Click Add new under the menu pages on the left.

3. Use the next logical number as title and the name of the method. E.g. #51 Association lines.

4. Select Methods from the Parent menu on the right. That way the new method will show up under the Method menu.

5. Write now everything you need to say about the new method in the body of the new page.

6. Click Publish to send your new page on air.

7. Copy title and link of the page to a new or existing teachers success list in Google Docs.

8. Tell the world about your new page using your twitter account and the hashtag #isxc (International School Exchange)

How do I edit a page?

When you are logged in you will see a tiny edit link after the content of the page. Click it to access the edit section of the page, do the editing and press Update to make changes visible.

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