Time needed: 30 – 45 min

Why? Students for in self responsible groups and recall taught knowledge in an artistic way. Its also based in interdisciplinary learning.

When? The method can be used after one topic is finished to make a kind of complex recall of the knowledge. This method is special useful if there is enough time after a topic duration or also for replacement classes to repeat absorbed knowledge in a meaningful and self responsible way. Its also a nice decoration for the class room.

How? The teachers is preparing a lot of material, newspapers, magazines, color pens, color paper any additional materials which are useful for a collage. The teacher is dividing the students in groups. Students decide the theme of the collage based on the taught topic and use the material to create a meaningful display. This can be also based on a reward system based on the best display.

Any risks? There is a lot of time needed for those collage. Mostly one lesson of 45 minutes is not enough time to make a complete collage. The best moment is to use the time before holidays when students are not so powerful anymore and the motivation is already looking forward to have holiday. With this method the teacher can motivate them in a different and easy way. For replacement lessons its a good way to use the time in a meaningful way.