•In a less widely used fourth approach, the immersion method, students attend classes that are taught in English, though instructors are also certified in a second language. The method has provoked controversy among educators; some characterize it as a ”sink-or-swim” method that is detrimental to the non-native-speaker’s learning and language development. However, a few school districts around the world have successfully operated immersion program.
•The periodically method is used in schools with very high English standard, subjects will delivered in periodically in the two languages, which means one complete topic will be delivered in just the native language, following another topic will be delivered in just the second language. This method is ideal for the school form involving a very self responsible student focused school system.
•For regularly schools the system shows weak point, because of the fact that just several topics out of one subject will be delivered in the second language.
Please share your experiences with those methods.