By Monique

In this new school year I had a special student name Rebecca, 3.4yrs. She was really a fascinating girl. But she had a problem with secure feeling. Every time she comes to school she’s always crying and needs the nanny to stays beside her. And if she notices that her nanny wasn’t around, she will start to cry and scream as loud as she can. For the first time I tried to ignore her but she kept crying and shouting, it’s almost an hour. At last I gave up; I called the nanny to come again inside the class. And for the first five days she showed the same behavior.

This case was really bothered me and also my whole students inside the classroom. I tried to ask her nanny why she behaves like that and she have no idea about it. I also tried to ask her previous teacher in playgroup, what was Rebecca likes to do, and I found out that she likes to color.

The next day I was insisted Rebecca to maintain her normal eye contact during conversation. I gave her two pages of coloring sheet and she really enjoyed it. She chatted and played with some friends. And I noticed that she likes to play with playdoh. When she realized that her nanny wasn’t around she started again to cry, I ignored her ‘cry’ and keep continued our conversation, it’s only took two minutes then she continued her work again. And at the end of the day she shakes my hand and said: “Good bye Ms. Monique, see you again tomorrow”. I was really amazed to hear those words came out from her mouth. It was really big progress!  I hugged her and replied “See you tomorrow Rebecca”.

I think when Rebecca came to school for the first time, she didn’t feel secure, that’s why she kept crying. It took a time to feel secure in a new environment. All we need is to be care and patient, also give her some attention for what she has done.