By Suci Julinarti and Asnika Manulang

Before, I just saw a teacher taught a special child. Now, I am trusted to teach a special child. Firstly, I felt that it would be difficult and there were many questions in my mind at that time. What should I do? Can I give the best for him? Am I able to teach him well? However, my feeling said that I have to help this child because he has the same right like other children; to get education. My partner and I have been teaching him for two weeks. Here, I am very happy to share my experience.

This 8 year-old boy is special and he needs special attention. Because of that, he is separated from other children. This makes my partner and me focus on him only. In the classroom, the first week, he was very active and he did what he wanted to do; he did not listen to our instruction. However, he knows how to take off and put on his shoes and how to shake hand with the teachers. His family also informed that he can wear his uniform by himself. He always refuses help from others. He is quite independent. To see this condition, my partner and I tried to find out his hobbies to attract his attention. He likes singing and dancing. That’s why, we sang everything, instructions and words he should know and danced together in every situation. He enjoyed his days. We let him study while listening to the music. Then, we tried to tell his name by pointing to him. He ignored us for the first time. We repeated for many times. Finally, he knew his name and his teachers’ names, he recognized our voice and where his class is. However, he has not had eye contact yet with us. Furthermore, he wanted to listen to our instruction. Because of this, we tried to teach him to count number one until ten. We were surprised that he could count numbers in English by himself. We clapped our hands and he followed us while smiling.

After that, the second week, we asked him to draw; he drew circles and colored them. This made him focus more. Even though he cannot color well, we are proud of his effort. In this time, suddenly, he made a joke and looked at my partner and me. We were happy to see that improvement. We could have eye contact with him although it was too short. Unfortunately, his attention span is very short. This made us change the activity in a short time. After drawing, we wrote some letters and numbers and we asked him to write the same. While writing, he also repeated how to pronounce each letter and number. The next activity is cutting pictures. I cut first and asked him to see. Then, he could do it seriously. When he was bored, we let him to do what he wanted. For example, he ran around the class and looked at something new in it. He sometimes cleaned the whiteboard by a piece of paper. Because of doing this, his hands were dirty and he said he wanted to wash his hands. In fact, he likes cleanliness. We are happy to know that. When he cleaned the board again, I took a marker and wrote number one on the board. Then, I gave the marker to him. Without instruction, he continued the numbers as well as letters. As praise for him, we gave applause, hugged him and said that he is a smart boy.

Those are the results that we got during these two weeks. Hopefully, we can give the best for him.