By Edna

Dealing with children in one environment with different levels of understanding in English is not an easy work to handle. And to make load simpler and at the same time children will enjoy my lesson, I came up with an idea of knowing  the interest of both parties. I stooped down to the level of  my students and slowly  at the same time we climbed the ladder in achieving our main objective and that is to communicate and learn English.

I asked them one by one about the things that interest them the most, and undoubtedly. when summarized it, It came down to one goal. and it was Learning while enjoying. These comprise: different motivations that consists of  body movements. Like word board games that is done in groups and in pairs and this kind of game I always make a point that in every group it is divided equally, meaning both extremes students are present in each group.

Those who have high standard in learning english are pillars of those who find it hard to understand English. I trained them how to help those students that finds hard to retain lessons discussed, gave additional work and load them with light responsibilities towards their partner, once the those fast learners are done with their task, automatically they helped their partner by explaining again the instruction, reading also the questions and assisting in checking if the answers matches to the question.

Another thing I have done to extend help to those slow learners was to provide five words in a week. Those five words are to be pasted on their respective corners and everyday before  class starts they have to read it rewrite it. But there we’re times that I have to  give different set of activities and easier task, and once completed rewards we’re waiting for them. Rewards are like, their name and picture we’re posted on the great wall for everybody to know that they we’re doing good in school.In additional to this, both parties and taught to memorize poem accompanied, with gestures suited to their age, and recite it everyday. Best student who delivers the poem clearly we;re picked by teacher and gave special reward.

When it comes in giving exams and quizzes all children are given fair treatment, but a week before the exam, slow learners and given rigid review of the past lessons like. Old topics we’re brought into a new way. like puzzle, word completion, building letter blocks, and things alike. Vocabulary was not once absent in daily routine, only that words and places different spots around the classroom and jumped from one word to another. Words/phrase are sometimes accompanied with pictures for easy identification.