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Author: Rex-Marten

88 Students develop their own tests

Time needed: 10 – 20 min Why? Students get their own responsibility for their lessons and learning activity. The teachers will get two evaluations directly with one methodology, first while monitoring the test development...

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87 Workbook strategy

Time needed: periodically 2 – 5 min Why?  This workbook is forcing students to study self-responsible about in class taught topics in school. When?  This methodology is very useful to give to early finishers special extra...

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86 Hide and seek

Time needed: 30 min Why? Children will involve many skills, counting, using senses, body movement, phantasy. When? When ever you think your lesson need a relaxing of the teaching and learning atmosphere, in sport lessons as...

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85 Treasure hunt

Time needed: 10 – 15 min Why? This is an amazing enjoyable method to force students to use their absorbed knowledge in a very practical way. When? Any time your class need a more relaxed atmosphere and you want to force...

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Teaching is about building relationships. Once established, content and skills can be transferred both ways. From teacher to students, and from students to teacher.

Change the way you teach at least once per lesson by choosing from a variety of Teaching Methods. I am sure you know many of them.

List of 100 Teaching Methods.

Albert Einstein

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.