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Update: Changes and development

I wasn’t a long time able to upgrade our page and that has a good reason. We are preparing three new projects to be able to also involve in this webpage: 1. One of our long participating Indonesian colleagues moved to a...

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89 Banking Time

Time needed: 10 to 15 min. Why? Banking Time is a brilliant method to build up relationships to your children. If you have to face children with discipline problems and behavioural issues mostly the background of those is a not...

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Linx to English materials for teachers

Proud to communicate this great link: What I particularly liked as an ESL teacher in a non-English speaking environment were the scripts in .doc format at the bottom of the...

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Teaching is about building relationships. Once established, content and skills can be transferred both ways. From teacher to students, and from students to teacher.

Change the way you teach at least once per lesson by choosing from a variety of Teaching Methods. I am sure you know many of them.

Find 100 Essential Teaching Methods here.

Albert Einstein

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.