Author: Lothar Bodingbauer

02 Tell a Story

Social life is about stories. They’ve been told to endure the winter. The’ve been told to pass traditions. They’ve been told to entertain. Life is story – we listen and we tell.

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01 Discuss a topic

Discussing a topic is a very fundamental process in a democratic society. It allows to develop, share and exchange views on anything wich can be formed in words and signs.

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00 Present a Topic

This is the “Teacher’s default” mode. You stand in front of your students and tell them something interesting. Somthing you want them to know. Something you want them to learn.

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Seed Cactus with Kids

Cactus are like little babies. Once you put seeds on soil they start growing and developing. You can watch together with your students how between two starting leafs a little column shows with spikes. The cactus.

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Teaching is about building relationships. Once established, content and skills can be transferred both ways. From teacher to students, and from students to teacher.

Change the way you teach at least once per lesson by choosing from a variety of Teaching Methods. I am sure you know many of them.

Find 100 Essential Teaching Methods here.

Albert Einstein

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.