by Rex-Marten

Couple days ago I went to a chinese restaurant. I was actually in a very bad mood, tired and not relaxed for a dinner with friends. That’s why in the beginning I kicked myself out of any conversation and just watched the huge colorful aquarium in the middle of the room. The fishes were so calm and were gliding silent in that water like from a very different world.

Suddenly I saw this very cute little sea horse. I had never seen such a fascinating animal. My whole concentration was focussed on the sea horse and  for the very first time I saw how it moved just with its tale vertical floating in the water.

I was so amazed to see this and to learn something about an animal which I had never seen in my life before, that I just remembered once years ago one of my colleagues installed a simple aquarium in our schools canteen, because he saw that frogs were growing in the still-water behind the pool. He wanted to show the students how frogs develop.

He organized a little aquarium, put rocks and plants in it and caught some little frogs.

Day by day students could now observe the development of the little pollywogs and draw it in their books.


I clearly could remember the whole process and how students enjoyed discovering how those frogs were developing. The students didn’t need any force, they simply just enjoyed watching them growing and they recorded themselves the growing process with graphics, words and photos in their workbooks.

You even don’t need a huge aquarium to make that learning tool happen, if you have a big glass bowl or cut the top of a big plastic gallon it’s ready to use.

After that idea came back to my mind and the calm of those fishes and the sea horses brought me back to my good mood and I very enjoyed the rest of the evening, so that my friends recognized my change and asked. I simply smiled and said: “I just got a genius idea…”

Thanks Mr.Lothar to give me back that idea. I will reinstall the aquarium for our students.