Rex-Marten Gaidies was Educational Consultat at Batam’s Globe National Plus High School (Indonesia). His previous activities include theatre-work and diplomatic councelling for numerous UNESCO cultural projects. At his current position he is combining these experiences  for empowering teacher’s competences in order to help children getting an education of excellence.

Lothar Bodingbauer works as mediator in the area of knowledge. He is seeking information and trades it to other people who want’s to get this information. It doesn’t matter if used media is a classroom, a radio station or digital social networks. He works for the Vienna School Board in various schools in Vienna (Austria) and for a some public radio stations worldwide. Lothar is chief editor of “Physikalische Soiree” a podcast which presents topics of natural sciences.

Ingrid also brings people together. As fundraiser for a major Austrian NGO she identifies the needs of those who seek help to those who could offer.

She creates a variety of projects connecting these groups by identifying trends in social networks and creating a knowledge based cloud of opportunities in the area of co-coperation between people of segregated social statuses. As a person she is interested in lifestyle and reasons for specific lifestyles.