Who we are and what we want

How can we teach to the best international standards? We are working to improve everday teaching and planning procedures by workshops and 1:1 training. In addition we summarize details and summaries about methods, materials and case studies at this website.

Teaching Methods Online is a joint venture of these international partners:

Lothar Bodingbauer is a price-winning teacher in Vienna Austria. His teaching-experience ranges from science-projects in Kindergarten and grammar-school to Mathematics and Physics teaching at Gymnasiums. He works as science journalist for the Austrian Public Radio. Mail lothar@teachingmethodsonline.com

Rex-Marten Gaidies is an experienced consultant for the UNESCO. His teaching-carrier began in adult education on performing arts. As educational head of a school in Batam, Indonesia, his work focused on teacher training and leadership. He works as educational consultant. Mail: rex@teachingmethodsonline.com

This co-operation has been made possible in parts by fundings of the Austrian Ministry for Education and Sekolah Globe National Plus School in Batam, Indonesia.


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