I wasn’t a long time able to upgrade our page and that has a good reason. We are preparing three new projects to be able to also involve in this webpage:

1. One of our long participating Indonesian colleagues moved to a very small and traditional island to support education also in those far away from the civilisation still exciting natural environments. We all honour and praise her braveness and energy to finally really execute this project. She will also participate in the future with a lot of very interesting Informations about the needs, the challenges and difficulties in those untouched regions and of course about the resources, chances and advantages of the educating process far away from the high tech live of our cities.

2. One of our colleagues which was always supporting us silently as our backup out of the field, finally decided to be more active on our webpage to involve the most important educational process for the development of every child: Early Childhood Education. The early childhood departments in integrated schools are often not enough noticed. Their problems get ignored and mostly early childhood education is underestimated for the development of our children, thats why she wants to put the focus more on that educational sector. Early Childhood Education is building the basis for a long life learning for every human being. Mistakes done by educators and parents in the early years will have devastating effects on the future development of every child. Thats why she wants to participate with more background information, methodic tools and also field reports about difficulties, challenges and positive results on using unique new methods for problem solutions.

3. We are building up an Institute of Indonesian Calligraphy. This institute is very connected to Indonesian cultural identity and natural healing tradition. The institute is an art institute and will, once its open, contribute to this webpage with a lot of very creative teaching methods and tools.

Those three new projects need time to be implemented, thats why we have been lately a little quiet with our webpage upgrade.  But I hope that in the future the new projects are actively participating with interesting articles.

Additional I can inform you that one of our webpage visitors Ms.Sara from www.educatorlabs.org sent us some very helpful links, which I don’t want to withhold.