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How to teach

There are more than 3 ideas.

Digital teaching tools

Every teacher uses a computer. There are plenty of digital little helpers out there in the digital world, but which one are good for teaching?

There are three helpers everyone should know. And they are free.

1) Dropbox / Store and share documents like on a USB stick
2) Evernote / Store and share notes lilke on a wall
3) WordPress / Easily maintain a blog for classroom projects

And there is a list of 22 other helpers. Give it a try.  It’s great to get things done digitally. But don’t forget to interact with your students. They are real.

Teaching physics is fun

Teaching physics for learning physics. It’s not only the teacher who talks. Students are required to develop skills. Teachers help.

Standard situation in teaching physics:

  • Experiments
  • Describe processes, acts and experiments
  • Develop new ideas
  • Create new things and thoughts
  • Talk about science, discussions
  • Bring order into chaos
  • Train to become better
  • Present

These items can be performed by teachers and students equally. Remember: the teacher should not talk all the time.

Source: Studiensemniar Koblenz

Classroom fun

Preparing a guessing game

English lesson...

This is Senior High 10 upon producing their very own paper hats. These hats later on will bear a name they can’t read, so they will wear a hat with a name on it they have to find out by asking – in English.

We had limited our name range to famous Indonesian artists, but then somehow Americans showed up. Anyway, they liked it.

How to make a word cloud

If you have text you would like to use in classroom, why don’t you create a “wordle”? That’s done with the help of an online tool, it creates a nice word cloud you can use on your handout for students. We have tried it out with the text of this website. And here is the link: http://www.wordle.net/

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How to Make an Efficient Course Syllabus Quickly

A good syllabus gives adequate information about the course to help the student get motivated and approximate the kind of effort to be put in the course. This feature discussed the parts of an efficient syllabus and gave a sample for practical information.

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What is the Effective Instruction

By: Mario MA

I believe effective instruction is not just good teaching. A particular lesson might be too advanced for a particular group of students, or it may be that some students already know the material being taught. Some students may be learning the lesson quite well, while others are missing key concepts and falling behind because they lack prerequisite skills for new learning. About using video, teacher would have no way to know who needed additional help, and would have no way to provide it in any case. There would be no way to question students to find out if they were getting the main points and then to reteach any concepts students were failing to grasp.

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Seminar early childhood age 2 till 6, observation and evaluation






We organized a seminar additional to the Early teaching standards which our teachers basically work on to open their few for the diversity of evaluation points to start to organize their semester reports for every child correctly, structured and complete.

Every early childhood teacher knows how difficult it is to evaluate their children based on word evaluation, it is easy if teachers just don’t care and copy comments to paste it from one report to another. Yes this is very easy, and congratulation suddenly every child becomes the same, everyone can suddenly count already from 1 until 10, every child can follow pattern and every child can color, every child has social behavior and everyone is nice. Wow in our school we produce faceless uniformed people.

But how to describe correctly children’s abilities, so that every child will be recognizable in his own semester report book?

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Seminar lesson plan 2011 in Sekolah Globe National Plus, Batam Island, Indonesia

When I started to work in school the very first time, I was so excited and I ask myself will students follow my advice, will they understand my red line, will they be interested what I have to tell them, will they…….

My god as more questions have circled around in my head I became more nervous and I suddenly start to ask myself, do I know what I want to teach to them actually? And my answer was clearly yes, I have my topic, but where to start? How to show then objectives? How is actually the red line?….. questions over questions starting to pop up in my head and I became very desperate about my deep confusion. I learned how to teach, but suddenly I recognized I don’t know where to start and how to build up correctly the red line, so that students can follow my advice.

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How to clean a blackboard