#12 Let students ask you questions

Time needed: 1 to 11 min.

Why? Kids ask numerous questions how the world is alike. In school this natural way of learning is sometimes neclected if teachers tell about the world without waiting for the need to do so.

When? Give students the chance to ask you queations about a certain topic after you made sure they are activated and engaged in this very field of knowledge.

How? There are more ways to let students ask questions. This could be their own questions, or they could be asked to ask questions instead of someone other, like “what would a pilot ask air traffic control when approaching airport?”

Any risks? If your anwer is too long or painful to listen to, students will stop to ask questions soon. Be short and precise, make it easy to listen to your anwers. I you don’t know the answer don’t be shy to tell – find out until next lession.